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Bringing you innovative and original tennis and soccer accessories to enhance your playing experience Great gifts for all your sports fans.

No taxes charged on orders shipped outside of Florida!


1) Tennis Tab -- Our original design scoreboard is the easy and fun way to keep score.  Clips to the net or fence or even your tennis bag!  Small enough to carry in your racquet cover.  Perfect for birthdays, captains' gifts, USTA league play, and college/high school competition.  Includes scoreboard, zippered nylon storage bag, 3 racquet-shaped score clips, and hanger hook.  Price: $21.95

2) YAY!  Now a colorful tennis tablecloth.  The same sturdy vinyl as our original black and white design, but with lots of color!  Re-usable -- wipes clean with a damp cloth.  Still comes in 2 convenient sizes --
52" x 52" for card tables, $13.95;
60" x 102" for picnic tables, $18.95.

3)  Are your kids playing soccer while you're at your league match??  NEW! Colorful "It's a Kick" soccer tablecloth comes in the same useful sizes as our tennis tablecloths. 
52" x 52" for card tables, $13.95;
60" x 102" for picnic tables, $18.95.  

Re-usable -- wipes clean with a damp cloth.  Won't you be the proud Mom!

4)  Our original Tennis Tablecloth Crisp black and white graphic design provides a sharp contrast to your team colors.  Sturdy vinyl backing holds up well for all those league matches.  Great for end of the season parties!
Re-usable -- wipes clean with a damp cloth. Comes in 2 convenient sizes. 
52" x 52" for card tables, $11.95;
60" x 104" for picnic tables,

5Refrigerator magnet clip comes in a cute miniature racquet design.   Hang your tennis schedule or a favorite picture from it.
$3.95 each or quantity pricing available upon request.  













































































































































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